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5 Hikes in the Foothills of Adirondacks

Want to hike in all seasons?  Here are five hikes you can do.

There are 3 easy hikes, and 2 moderate hikes. Hiking is fun and free.

#1 Willie Marsh
       Two trails  -  Rated Easy  -  Year round
  One trail is 3miles long
  The other trail is .3miles long, and is wheelchair accessible

For directions to Willie Marsh, click the link.
Willie Marsh directions

#2 Kane Mtn
        Three Trails  -  Fire Tower  -  Rated Easy 
  East trails 0.9 miles  -  Easy trail
  North trail 2.1 mile  -  Harder trail(new trail)

For directions to Kane Mtn, click the link.
Kane Mtn directions

#3 Nine Corners Lake
        Bouldering rocks 3 stories high  -  great swimming hole

For directions to Nine Corners Lake, click the link.
Nine Corners Lake directions

#4 County Line Lake
        Hard hike(hilly) 
              In the winter, Frozen waterfalls and country line lake ice walls - moderate hike

For directions to County Line Lake, click the link.
County Line Lake directions

#5 Mud Lake
       4 mile hike round t…

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